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Dr. David M. Glover
Research Specialist

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry
Mail Stop #25
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1541

508-289-2656 (Voice)
508-457-2193 (FAX)

Research interests:

Use of satellite data, model results, and shipboard data to elucidate the mechanisms and processes by which the oceans play a major role in the maintenance of global climate; mathematical techniques to use shipboard data to augment both models and satellite data to make consistent and geophysically correct interpretations of the environment.


 B.S. Geology, California Institute of Technology, 1979.
 M.S. Geology, California Institute of Technology, 1979.
 Ph.D. Oceanography, University of Alaska, 1985.

 Curriculum Vitae (short) updated 24 May 2002
 Curriculum Vitae (long) updated 4 Feb 2000

 Select Extended Abstracts and Preprints:

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 Research Activities: UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION

 Decorrelation scales in SeaWiFS images. 17 Apr 2007
 Mesoscale variability at BATS. 22 Jun 1998
 Gas transfer velocity from normalized radar backscatter. 18 Mar 2008
 Mesopelagic ecosystem modeling. 30 Jul 2004
 Information theory applied to satellite image classification.
 Ocean color and marine ecosystem modeling.
 Global, seasonal, upper ocean, CO2 cycling.

 Courses Offered:

 12.747 Modeling, Data Analysis, and Numerical Techniques for Geochemistry.

 EOS Committees:

 EOSDIS Panel Agendas, minutes, and related documentation.

 Acknowledgements: Sources of funding.

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